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Our Signage Has Arrived!

News Signs for Bite Me!

It has been a long process, designing the logos from the initial concept. Fortunately, Jamie created the initial design concept and from there got the circle logo developed using the fonts and colours we chose. After that was designing and making the steel frame to mount the banner in – I heard lots of cursing coming from his office 😉

Now it all arrived we have been able to put it together and see if it fits and like magic, the banner fits the triangle perfectly with a 2.5 cm gap around all the edges and it looks amazing, what do you think?

We have lights which we will attach and in the future, we can add sides with menus and other information as required. This is a really flexible system and I would like to thank everyone who helped us make this a reality.

Maybe next time you are cutting steel Jamie, you will wear jeans, not shorts!


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