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Soft Launch Charity Day

On Sunday the 1st of July we fully launched Bite Me Catering. As you would expect the nerves were high but we could not have asked for a better turn out. We marketed the event lightly on Facebook by creating an event page as well as inviting friends and family. We couldn’t have been more surprised out the turnout, which included lots of people we have never met before!

The morning started with heavy thundery rain and grey skies. Fortunately, we had set the gazeebo up the night before so we had plenty of dry cover. All the equipment was set up first thing, temperatures were taken and then everything was loaded and ready to go!


The first few guests started to arrive bang on 3 o’clock – opening time and we were ready and waiting. The first cake was battered and put in the fryer… success, they loved it our first Really Rocky Road hot cake was served in anger. From then on it was constant for 3 hours with no time for a break between service. the whole operation worked smoothly and successfully and we got some amazing feedback from all, with some good advice thrown in as well.

From our side we learned lots of valuable lessons and have adjusted our procedure slightly, I am sure this will be evolving forever as adaptation seems to be key in this business.

The best news is we raised over £306 for the Treliske CCU and have been invited to a number of other events off the back of our launch. We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended our launch and making it an amazing day. Also, thank you to the sun for making a vital appearance!

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