Helston Christmas Lights
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Helston Christmas Lights Switch On

Wow, what a night at Helston Christmas Lights – the first time out in the new Horse Box since it has been painstakingly converted by us. This unit is ideal for shorter events like this, as it takes in total about 4 hours to set up and break down the gazebo. Also setting the gazebo up by myself is virtually impossible, especially if it is windy. So now I have the ability to hook up the trailer and get Bite Me Catering to any event at the drop of a hat.

Helston Christmas Lights

Back to Helston Christmas Lights. I have not seen the town so busy for a light switching on event as I did this Friday. It was great to see so many people out enjoying the mild and dry weather and all were in a good mood. We arrived a little late as we had teething problems with the trailer light board, but we soon got down to setting up and selling with some help from Barry Clark at the Wheal Dream and power from The Box Nightclub – big thank you!

Our Christmas Turkey Roast was the biggest seller and we had lots of amazing feedback about how nice it is, here are a few comments from Facebook.

Was absolutely delicious 😋 thank you for feeding me – From Linda.

The roast was fantastic. Thanks Lyns and Jamie. ‘Twas yummy! – From Abi.

Fabulous food ♥️😁 – From Michelle.

So all in all a great evening event. We have lots of tweaks and editions to make to the trailer, because you cannot work it all out without actually using it for real on the day. Also, the hard as diamond, non-slip floor paint we used on the rear ramp, well, it slipped off! Heading back to B&Q to get our money back on that one.

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