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Grown from an idea

Bite Me Catering, which trades as Bite Me, was initially an idea back in 2017 to sell a new idea of mine “Crispy Hot Cakes”. This idea was rolled out in 2018, but it became apparent that specialising in this sweet treat was unsustainable on its own as the majority of people only considered them in the afternoon. From here, different ideas were developed, including a full takeaway roast in a box, which proved very popular, but too time intensive to produce for large festivals and events

Pizza Topped Fries

The challenge was to find a dish I could create, easily replicate and produce quickly. However, it’s really important to note that to be considered for applications to festivals and other events, the food offering must have a unique twist, offering a point of difference to what is already out there.

Pizza Topped Fries were born. Everyone loves Pizza, everyone loves chips, we combine the toppings of the pizza with a bed of fresh fries. I offer Hawaiian, Margherita, Spicy Meat, Garlic Mushroom and Pepperoni with spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella and mature cheese (melted with a blowtorch) all served in a 6 inch pizza box, with optional extras including rocket, jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes, olives, garlic mayo and firecracker sauce.

Another advantage is our Pizza Topped Fries are generally gluten free and we also offer vegan and vegetarian options. These three are rapidly growing markets, with veganism seeing the largest growth, evidenced by a large increase in vegan products sold in supermarkets over the past few years and references at the end of this document. The other consideration is a lot of potential customers who frequent festivals are of student age upto early thirties, which I believe is currently the largest demographic for vegan and flexitarian diets.